Delirium Tremens

It’s the beer that kicked it all off so I’ll start here…

My girlfriend of nearly 7 years dumped me. We were in Italy when she decided she wanted to bang the hotel tennis instructor. It gets much more cliche’ than that but I’ll spare you the details. When she returned after a date on his Vespa (yeah, he was doing well for himself), I decided I should leave so I took off for Paris. I called my neighbor from NYC, who was dating a Parisian girl. She suggested I meet up with her friend Adele for a coffee. We had a great time… and a few wild nights in Paris that I’ll never forget. Her family owns the oldest active brewery in Ghent, Belgium and brews the famous pink elephant beer – Delirium Tremens.

Delirium Tremens is a perfect Belgian brew with a long tradition and high accolades including being voted Worlds Best Beer in 1998 at the World Beer Championship in Chicago. It’s a strong Belgian Pale Ale, served in a signature tulip-shaped glass – freshly rinsed to chill. Also sold in a ceramic-style, corked bottle but look for the pink elephant tap at your favorite beer pub to taste it the way it was intended. A creamy, frothy head leaves a lacy glass as it retreats to give way to a beautiful caramel color yielding a distinctive spicy and aromatic flavor that is both sweet and hoppy at the same time. The perfect finish leaves you wanting more. As did my time in Paris with Addie.

Delirium’s Official Website

The family of brewers is a wonderful, lively, amazing group and I’m happy to have met them. If you’re in Brussels, be sure to check out the Delirium Cafe.

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