Double Daddy

After last weekend, I thought it might be a good time to ease up on my drinking. I decided to stay sober during the week and refrain from booze until the weekend. So I went out for a few drinks on Monday to ponder this decision. Not one to tempt fate, I went to a wine bar with my dog’s hot vet. At our communal table were two guys who were aggressively swirling their wine glasses before every sip. Between each swirl and sip I made sure they caught a severe look from me. The table shaking and glass swirling only got worse. During my first glass of wine with the vet, my buddy Mike walked by. It was odd for him to be in the neighborhood – he told me he was playing darts at MY beer bar, George Keeley’s. So after a few glasses of wine at the bouncing table, and lots of talk about not drinking so much, I headed over to Keeley’s. As I glanced over the taps, I asked Justin (the bartender) what looked good. I quickly noticed that I was getting the same nasty look from an ominous beer tap that I was giving the swirling wine boys. I asked about it and Justin liked it so I had a Double Daddy. {Insert jokes about swirling wine boys and me having a Double Daddy}

This Imperial IPA was born in San Francisco in 2003 and boasts a 9.5% alcohol content but it tasted stronger. Poured in a tulip-shaped glass, Double Daddy has a beautiful caramel color, a thick, foamy head, and that unmistakable hoppy aroma. This is what beer gets when it wants a hoppy IPA. It’s strong hop taste finishes perfectly – the way a beer should with that great beer flavor tastefully lingering between sips. Although it mellowed as it warmed in the glass, it’s definitely a big beer for big beer fans. The Speakesy brewers will tell you they “…set out to make legit beers for people that appreciated better beers built for a more discerning palate.” They got it right with Double Daddy and I’m looking forward to trying another next time I get that dirty look from a Speakeasy tap at Keeley’s.

Official site: Speakeasy Ales & Lagers

By the way, the vet got a Dogfish Head 90 – she’s predictable – I’m OK with that. My buddy Mike, his team lost.

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