Fire Island Lighthouse Ale

Memorial Day weekend at Fire Island! It’s the kick off to the Summer. BBQs are cleaned off and heated up after a long winter’s hibernation. Houses are opened. Everyone is cleaning, kids are painting shells and getting their stock ready to sell, and Ben and Adam are towing wagons all over Ocean Beach filled high with Costco runs of enough paper towels and toilet paper to get through the summer. That’s how I spent the weekend – dirty, dusty, and sweaty from house and yard work with a light coating of salt from the ocean. After a day of “hard work” at Ocean Beach there’s only one way to chill out and watch the sun set with friends. So I took a quick outdoor shower and headed out to the Island Mermaid for an ice cold Fire Island Lighthouse Ale on tap.

Fire Island Lighthouse Ale is crisper and cleaner than most craft beers (a big feat for a craft brewery) but has all the taste and satisfaction of a fine Belgian brew without weighing you down. Easy to drink and great with a burger or a simple grilled fish (I like it with the sesame coated halibut). It presents a firey-caramel color and due to a lighter carbonation than one might expect, it’s crowned with a soft, minimal head that quickly reduces to a ring. It’s flavor is not overly complex but this tasty beer has hints of caramel and a bit of a sweet smell to start, which balances off the light hoppy taste. It’s clean finish makes it hard to put down the glass. Greg and his brother (brewmasters) say it’s “the kind of beer you want to have a beer with.” Just make sure that beer you’re drinking with it is a Lighthouse Ale. So kick off the flip-flops and enjoy one of the great American craft beers right where it was created – on Fire Island – or anywhere else you happen to be enjoying the summer.

Official Website:

Their website is almost as quirky as the Fire Island locals, and if you’re wondering yes there’s deer all over the Island.

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