Food Pairings

I like a good pair as much as the next guy so I thought I’d devote a page to it. I’ll be adding a searchable database for food-beer pairing very soon. For now let’s start simple:

Food pairing isn’t rocket science, it’s basically eating and drinking what you like – together. Don’t be afraid to ask your waitress or bartender to suggest beer with specific qualities that you think would work well with your meal. The basic idea is simple: pick a beer that compliments your meal (has similar taste qualities – bitter, sweet, spicy, etc) or totally contrasts with it. Your beer should be a part of your meal and enhance it, otherwise have a diet coke and call it a night.

Many people go for lighter beers with spicy foods, like a Pacifico with Mexican or a Kingfisher Premium with Indian food. But I prefer a beer that has enough flavor to hold up to the food – not just wash it down so I’d opt for a Negra Modelo with Mexican, or a Kingfisher Strong with Indian. And don’t feel like you have to stick with one beer all night. Mix it up. If you’re having a bland salad balance it with a full-bodied beer, a delicate fish entree that you want to savor move into something light and crisp, for dessert dive into a brew with hints of coffee or chocolate.

Bottom line, if it tastes good – drink up. And just casually throwing out the phrase “beer pairing” while you’re deciding what to drink will get your friends thinking you’re a big beer geek, and there’s a lot worse they can call you. If your friends argue with your pairing choice – they’re not your friends.

Before your first sip, you’ll want to toast / cheers. Want to really impress your new date with your beer knowledge and worldliness? Check out this site to say “Cheers” in every language – CHEERS.







Fried Food


Thai Food


Indian Food

Cheese (there’s a beer for every cheese but let’s start here)

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