Ozzy Ale

My buddy Pat was heading to NYC from Maryland to have a Christening for his baby girl. She’s a year and a half and Pat and his wife thought it was time to get some God in her so they made the trip. I offered them my apartment for the weekend, which they shared with their hot “nanny”. Pat’s Irish and his wife Stevie is Scottish. Yes, there was drinking at this Christening. The afternoon Christening turned into late afternoon drinks, then a few drinks at downtown bar, dinner and gallons of mojito, sangria, and beer at a Cuban place in the West Village, and finally ended up at the Galway Hooker (which I always seem to call the Irish Whore). Happily, Pat’s sister hung out with the baby at my place and the nanny joined us for the night out. When I got back to my apartment a couple days later, I saw that Pat left me some authentic Maryland crab cakes and a couple of bottles of Ozzy Ale. I cooked up those crab cakes and popped open the 38 oz cork-top bottle. The sweet scent of a Belgian Ale came wafting out with the bottling gases and I knew I was in for a good night. Much like my time with the “nanny.”

Ozzy Ale is brewed in Maryland by Brewer’s Art in the style of a Belgian Ale – think America’s answer to Duvel. I poured it and watched the creamy foam rise to the top, almost filling the glass. As tempting as it is to dive right in, I suggest letting any corked beer settle for a while and mellow before drinking. The fruity, spicy aroma didn’t let me down and followed through from first sip to last, each one finishing with a malty sweetness. It’s light-medium body complimented the crab cakes nicely and since the cork was off, I finished the bottle.

Official Website: Brewer’s Art

As for the “nanny,” she turned out to be Pat’s sister-in-law.

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