Southampton IPA

It’s Tim’s fault. I was working at the not drinking during the week approach. Tim’s a good friend – he’s also someone I work with. We had some business to discuss so he suggested a dive bar on B’Way. I told him I’m trying not to drink during the week. Placating me he said, ‘ok stop by here to meet my friend – then we’ll get a bite to eat’. His friend Beth is the bartender. He had a full beer when I arrived so I figured I’d order one and we’d leave. He gave me a weak, “But you’re not…” as I ordered. When you’re friends with the bartender you pay for one – you don’t just drink one. Beth kept me happy all night. And so did the beer. I went for the Shouthampton IPA. I’ve had it before and I like it. Thanks to Beth, I’ve had it A LOT more and I still like it.

A bright orangey glow fills the glass topped by a thin white, large-bubbled head that quickly reduces. There’s an immediate citrusy scent followed by a hint of hops. At first taste, the sweet citrus and malt comes through with a slight bitter and bready grapefruit hit at the end. Nothing is overpowering and the flavors are present but not complex. It’s an easy drinking, light-bodied IPA that you can enjoy all night without being too weighed down. It’s best served by a snarky, crass, super-sexy, smart, softball playing bartender with a far better body than any IPA I’ve ever had.

Official website: Southampton Publick House

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